Youth Chaplain’s Homily

Fr. J.B.’s Homily for 20th February 2017
Sirach 1:1-10 | Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 93:1-2, 5 | Mark 9:14-29


3-Ways-to-Pray-Without-CeasingWhen praying to God something may happen, others may not or take longer. But He has a reason for each answer.  Allow me to share with you the five (5) effective ways to get a favourable answer to your prayer.

  1. Ask for something bigger. Don’t limit God by your thoughts and little prayers.
  1. Talk to God as your friend. Don’t use formulas.
  1. Accept God in your life He won’t force Himself on you.
  1. Always walk with God don’t pray only on Sunday and in Mass.792944._UY400_SS400_
  1. Be Patient: if you force your way, He may let you have it and learn the hard way. Never look for shortcuts to your Destiny He has it all in plan. He is fighting on your behalf.

If things are not moving according to plan relax your grip on the situation and let God take control. He put that dream and desire in you, let Him fulfill it. Don’t trust in your power.  You are nothing without God. He is everything and much more.

Bless you.

Rev. Fr. John Bosco Ssembatya
Youth/ Communications Chaplain
Christ the King Parish, Kampala