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Christ the King Parish, Kampala
A Tent of Encounter with God


Christ the King Parish Kampala: the Capital City mission

Welcome to the website of Christ the King Parish in Kampala. Whether you are already a parishioner or just visiting this site, please take some time to look around, to get to know our parish. Why does our parish exist? Why does this parish website exist?

The Uganda’s pioneer and only Capital City Catholic mission, Christ the King Parish, was founded by the Mill Hill Missionaries on October 30, 1930. Rev. Fr. Henri Jerssen was its founding parish priest.

Philippians 2 : 10; that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in Heaven and things on earth and things under the earth.

Vision A self-sustaining family of God committed to the mission of Christ in a cosmopolitan society.

Mission To excel in promoting the mission of Christ in a dynamic cosmopolitan society.

Strategic Goals

  1. To be the parish of first choice and an acclaimed provider of Roman Catholic Evangelization.
  2. To provide a conducive prayer environment that attract all God’s people, in an increasingly dynamic environment
  3. To develop Christ The King (also at times referred to as “CTK”) as a community socially responsible and innovative Catholic Parish in the archdiocese and the whole Roman Catholic Church (Locally and Internationally).
  4. To build a strong financially sustainable Catholic Parish.

Our Philosophy

Christ The King Parish’s philosophy is driven by the following core values;

  • Parishioners focus
  • Vocationalism
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Team work
  • Equity and fairness
  • Sustainability

Parishioners focus refers to CTK’s conviction that the parishioners constitute the primary reason for the Church’s existence. CTK’s approach to program design and delivery, therefore, seeks first and foremost to respond and satisfy the identified needs of the different segments served by the parish. CTK is guided by the principle of providing appropriate services to all its parishioners.

Vocationalism demands, inter alia, thorough knowledge of one’s field of calling to serve as well as demonstration of skill, high ethical standards, and respect for CTK’s parishioners and other stakeholders.

Integrity, transparency and accountability underpin the approach of all priests, management and support staff to their duties and responsibilities. All church personnel are to be truthful, reliable and accountable for their actions.

Teamwork is key to successful achievement of CTK’s endeavours, right from the sharing of a common vision, mission and objectives, to the mutual support that individuals are expected to extend to one another, to ensure cost-effective implementation of planned activities.

Equity and fairness are important principles that underlie CTK’s human resource management and development, policies and programmes. CTK is an equal opportunity employer that  believes in implementing a performance-based reward system to attract and retain highly competent and motivated personnel.

Sustainability calls for ensuring that CTK attains high levels of resources to meet the operational and  development needs of the parish over the years. Resources mobilization and utilization, however, are pursued while having regard to the parish’s social responsibilities, as a responsible citizen.