Nabaale farm

Christ the King Parish Farm – is an old Parish Project initiated in 1976 by the late Msgr. John Baptist Kanyi then Parish Priest. He got the initial five acres so that the Parish could be self-supporting in food supply. It is located at Kijjo (civic) Parish thirty miles from Kampala, in Nabbale sub county, Nakifuma county, Mukono District. It is three miles away from Kalagi Trading Centre past Nabbale sub county headquarters and Kijjo trading centre. It is locally known as the priests’ farm (faamu ya bafaaza).

The Farm has a stream running through the valley that separate the two hills that are main geo-features of the farm. There are a number of agricultural enterprises covering both crops and animal husbandry as here under:
1. Animal section
a. Piggery
b. Poultry
a) Chicken Layers
b) Duck
c) Turkey
c. Dairy
d. Goats
e. Fish ( two stocked ponds)

2. Agricultural section
a) Coffee
b) Oranges
c) Banana
d) Seasonal crops
a) Maize
b) Beans
e) Agro forestry

Buildings and Equipment: The farm has:

  1. Two permanent houses
  2. An all-weather drying yard
  3. A permanent Chicken House
  4. Temporary housing for ducks and turkey
  5. A permanent pig sty
  6. A semi-permanent pig sty
  7. Cattle kraal
  8. A zero grazing unit
  9. A silage Unit
  10. A water system which includes:
  11. Sunken well
  12. Water pump
  13. Diesel engine
  14. Storage tanks