Parish Reconstruction


Msgr. Gerard Kalumba
Msgr. Gerard Kalumba

The Catholic Community of Christ the King Parish in Kampala is on a fundraising drive for a state of the art Church that would accommodate close to 1500 people.

The Parish Priest Msgr. Gerald Kalumba says the 86 year old Parish has built faith and understanding of God in Kampala due to its accessibility and convenience for most of those who; come from far and work within Kampala.

Msgr. Kalumba says the Parish was founded by the Mill hill fathers and the existing Church structure was built with the assistance from the donors abroad and the Goowan community that used to reside around the parish.

At the moment the Church has become small to accommodate the increasing numbers of Christians opting for an extension of the structure to match to the modern standards.

Msgr. Kalumba says the construction had stalled for four years because Kampala Capital City Authority had refused them from taking any structural changes that the area was small without a parking lot but at least most the requirements have been corrected and they hope to start the project by the start of next year.

The project estimated to cost close to UGX10 billion will see the walls of the existing church structure broken including offices and residence of the priests to widen the Church but the demolished areas will have to be incorporated in the new building structure. The fundraising drive will be on 6th October this year but the entire month will open for all to contribute in cash to top up remaining balance of 22%. Already they have collected at least 78% of the expected cost of the new structure.

By Francis Jjunju
Radio Sapientia