Friends of Christ the King Parish Association

Friends of Christ the King Parish Association is a voluntary organization designed to involve current and past parishioners and well wishers in matters of promoting the Parish of Christ the King. It was inaugurated by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala on November, 20 1999. It’s recognized as a Catholic Association in Kampala Archdiocese.

The Association is a brain child of the former Building Committee which constructed the community centre and embraced by the Parish Pastoral Council, brings together friends of the Parish to associate, pray and support the Parish developmental and maintenance programmes. It’s a way and means of keeping in constant and close touch with all persons who at one time or another contributed to the growth and promotion of the Parish.

The objectives of the Association include: – assisting in planning and implementing development projects for the parish, fostering permanent cooperation, brotherhood and oneness among the members and carrying out any other undertakings beneficial to the parish and members.

The Association has four categories of members: – All members of the former Building committee, the traditional founders of the Association, Any parishioner who shows interest and is willing to abide by the interests of the Association, Any Catholic who may be invited by members to join the Association and shows willingness plus, current and future Parish Priests and Curates.

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