Church Reconstruction

Christ the King Parish Kampala was founded by the Mill Hill Missionaries in October 30th, 1930. The church serves the Civic Centre and many worshippers from other parts of the City as well as visiting International dignitaries due to its proximity and convenience.

Over the years the Church has undergone various phases of renovation to increase its capacity to accommodate all the worshippers with a major renovation starting in 2016. The project has two phases: – the Priests’ Residence including offices and the Church itself.  The Contractor first completed the first phase before focusing on the second phase.

The original plan was to renovate and extend the Church, but as work progressed the contractor found it impossible to extend the then existing Church. In demolishing and reconstructing a new Church, the budget shot up sharply from approximately 8.8 Billion Uganda Shillings to a new estimation of 18 Billion Uganda Shillings! In the meantime, the Covid-19 pandemic emerged and affected the functionality of the Church activities for almost two years thus derailing the project even more.

There is no doubt that generosity of Christ the King Parish Community has brought this gigantic project this far with several members of the community simply walking into the office of the Parish Priest and making very generous donations towards the Church Reconstruction Project. This great support is highly appreciated. May God bless you abundantly!

The community was extremely excited to enter the newly constructed magnificent church on Good Friday this year. The Church is not fully completed as the Contractor is still doing final finishes which include fixing the sound system, at the same time the Parish is also mobilizing resources for the Church pews.

Therefore, we continue to raise funds through all the available orthodox methods. All the genuine avenues are open, use the most convenient for you. Do not give money to people on the compound but use the offices.

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