The Divine Mercy Novena

Jesus further asked that this Feast of the Divine Mercy be  preceded by a Novena to the Divine Mercy which would begin on Good  Friday. He gave her an intention to pray for on each day of the  Novena, saving for the last day the most difficult intention of  all, the lukewarm and indifferent of whom He said:

“These souls cause Me more suffering than any others; it was from  such souls that My soul felt the most revulsion in the Garden of  Olives. It was on their account that I said: ‘My Father, if it is  possible, let this cup pass Me by.’ The last hope of salvation for  them is to flee to My Mercy.”

In her diary, Faustina wrote that Jesus told her:

“On each day of the novena you will bring to My heart a different  group of souls and you will immerse them in this ocean of My mercy  … On each day you will beg My Father, on the strength of My  passion, for the graces for these souls.”

The different souls prayed for on each day of the novena are:

DAY 1 – All mankind, especially sinners

DAY 2 – The souls of priests and religious

DAY 3 – All devout and faithful souls

DAY 4 – Those who do not believe in Jesus and those who do not yet
know Him

DAY 5 – The souls of separated brethren

DAY 6 – The meek and humble souls and the souls of children

DAY 7 – The souls who especially venerate and glorify Jesus’ mercy

DAY 8 – The souls who are detained in purgatory; and

DAY 9 – The souls who have become lukewarm.

This is prayed along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

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