Alliance of Two Hearts

The Alliance of the Two Hearts is internationally known as the Holy Family International. It has membership around the world with its goal is bringing Catholic families closer to God through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The House-to-House Evangelism initiates the family into the Daily Communion of Reparation. Through the enthronement of the HEARTS of Jesus and Mary in the home, the family enters into an alliance with THEIR HEARTS by way of consecration.

More than devotion, the Daily Communion of Reparation with its basic elements: CARE: Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Eucharist (Holy Communion), is a WAY OF LIFE that is Eucharist-centered and Marian in spirituality – – – TWO PILLARS of strength that guarantees the sanctification of family. By the solemn act of placing GOD at the center of people’s lives, the members of the family accept “holiness” as a state to which GOD calls each one of them. We worship our Savior Jesus Christ as the King of the family and we honor Mary, his mother and our model of holiness, as the Queen of the home.

Enthroned families are encouraged to attend the First Friday-First Saturday Communion of Reparation activities starting with the Holy Mass at 6 PM on First Friday followed by Holy Hours wherein each organization is given an hour to do adoration and are welcome to stay the whole night in the church to pray until it ends with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 7:30 AM. on Saturday. There is an urgency to do this kind of evangelization.

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