Our Lady of Perpetual Succor

The title of “Perpetual Succor” or “Perpetual Help” is, as we shall see later, Our Lady’s own title. It is, therefore, a title that must fill all hearts that seek her aid with the greatest confidence.

The word “Succor” expresses more than “Help.” It comes from the Latin word–subcurrere, which means to run under a thing and support it. If, for instance, a mother hears her fallen child call for help, she immediately runs to the assistance of her little one and picks it up.

In this case the mother does more than help the child; she really succors it. Our Lady wishes us to understand that she will always be a Mother to us and succor us as often as we seek her aid.

Notice also the word “Perpetual.” This one word gives Mary a very special and significant role in relation to us. Does it not recall to our minds her wonderful, unceasing, powerful intercession? Perpetual means unlimited in time, never ceasing, ever ready.

Therefore, although we may have already obtained many favors from this good Mother, she wishes us to continue to invoke her, day by day.

During the past nineteen hundred years, her devotees have continually sought her motherly assistance, and, in the words of St. Bernard: “It has never been known that anyone who implored her help was left unaided.”

She was a Mother of Perpetual Succor to her Divine Son, she wishes to be to us, also, a Mother of Perpetual Succor.

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