A church usher is a person who helps ensure a smoothly running church service and who ministers to people in a variety of practical ways. The Usher is a person chosen to reflect the warmth and welcome of Christ himself. Always conscious of Christ’s words: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Ushers play a very important role in the Liturgical Ministries.

Ushers are stationed at the doors of the church, they act as hosts to warmly welcome the people of God to each Eucharistic celebration. Ushers are needed to assist in seating the congregation, they support other ministers, and help with the collections.

If you have the ability to reach out, engage and include all parishioners to participate in the liturgy, if you can reflect the warmth and welcome of Christ himself this may be the ministry you are called for.

Christ the King Ushers Association

The Association brings together all Ushers serving at Christ the king Parish.

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